JTAG connector on processor board


Do you guys have any DIY connector to attach JTAG to the processor board? JTAG pins are wired out on test points TP1 - TP4 so I was thinking about some pogo pin adaptor like this one http://www.tag-connect.com/what-is-tag-connect.


What is the exact location of TP1 - TP4 relative to the XBee connector. I am designing a custom JTAG adaptor with POGO pins that will be connected to the XBee connector and I don’t want to misplace the pogo pins.


Give this a try. A quick drawing showing exact distances from bottom left corner to each JTAG connector and XBEE socket. Let me know if you need anything else. Link to PDF is below. Looking forward to seeing what you build!



any updates on the pogo pin cable?