Intgrating the M2 into a custom dash


Hello folks, new guy with many questions. I’m interested in acquiring an M2 or P1 for experimentation and integration into a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. My main interest at this point is consolidating the rats nest of wiring for the multiple OBD-II interfaces I have plugged into the factory port to clean up the mess at mid-calf level. Does anyone know where I can source the supplies I would need to create a pass-through that would plug into the current port and allow me to relocate everything else to a location in the center console? I currently have a three port adapter plugged in with a Verizon Hum+ and Generic Bluetooth OBD reader connected to it, with one spare port for another device available. I’d like to end up with these out of sight but still available and be able to plug into the stock port if need be. I’m not adverse to wiring into the stock connector if I absolutely have to, but I’d like to avoid it if at all possible.


That setup should be similar to the setup my truck has. You really only need a Ground, +12 volt and the data line. You could easily build something to do what you want and stuff it somewhere out of sight. For that year you shouldn’t have to worry about much because everything is on one bus so wherever you can find a data line you can splice into it. Back of the radio is always a great place if you do an after market radio. Check out Amazon online for some different options. You could also build a small board that could have a lineup of connectors on it which you wire together and then you just need a wire to connect to the radio datalink or something. Just depends on what you want to finish up with. I did something similar and actually tapped off the databus off the back of the port and ran that to a OBDII device mounted elsewhere.