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Is there a chance that Macchina can talk to platform given both are open source? I’m not looking for full fledged automation, integrating with the cabana suite will help with better triaging of CAN signals.


I wasn’t familiar with these things, so a quick summary for other uniformed readers: This would seem to be asking if the M2 could emulate the the comma.ia panda (which is their OBD2 dongle) or at minimum produce the needed outputs to load into cabana. The code running on the panda dongle appears to be open, while cabana is proprietary.

To give a very limited answer based on no hard knowledge, @sarathchandars, given the panda source code, it should be possible to produce the input needed for cabana if someone were to take the time to write that code (I doubt the panda code could simply be ported to run on the M2). However, even with that, there would be ways for to deny access to the cabana platform if they wanted to restrict access to Panda purchasers. Thus, it would probably be worth reaching out to the community before undertaking an emulation or integration project.


Woah, I wasn’t familiar with either… Wow, that’s nice. They seem to have a pretty good dongle and that Cabana program doesn’t look too shabby either.

Quite a bit of what Cabana does or allows you to do is a duplicate of SavvyCAN (which I wrote). It seems neither of us were aware of the other (we both say “I don’t want to pay $10k for Vector and so this is the only other option”) and we’ve both built up competing products and software. Well, to some extent that’s the dark side of software development - we spend so many man-hours duplicating work that has already been done 10 times before. But, conversely, this also allows for new and different ideas to flourish. Cabana is not SavvyCAN and SavvyCAN is not Cabana. I’m sure there is a place in this world for both. People can figure out which one works best for what they want to do and that’s a good thing.

Now, I have no problem with adding Cabana support to M2RET if they don’t have a problem with third party boards. As it stands SavvyCAN has support for SocketCAN so you could use their dongle with SavvyCAN if you want.

I’m a little disappointed that Cabana is not open source. Maybe they’re waiting until it is more mature or maybe it never will be. While that disappoints me I would never tell another developer that they must release source code for things. That’s partly why SavvyCAN and most of my other code are MIT licensed. You can go ahead and grab that code and put it into commercial projects if you want and you don’t need to provide anyone the source code.

It’s interesting that geohot is a part of that project. He’s a rather well known hacker/cracker sort of guy. It’s good to have someone like that interested in these things. It can only bring good things.


sorry for kicking an old thread but is there any new development on this?