In dire need of a Macchina developer module (will purchase or "frient")

As luck has it, I didn’t realize that my order for 3 (experiment, develop, control) Macchina developer units didn’t go through until I checked back in for shipping dates.

Would anyone be kind enough to let me buy or borrow their spare developer module? Just came out of a two month coding binge writing a server to automate the decoding, processing and logging macchina data; only to realize that I can’t test or verify anything without one.

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions on the best way to close the loop?

Thanks for your message, sounds like you’ve been busy! We have gotten lots of requests like this, so now might be a good time to have a conversation we have been meaning to start. In general, we have just a handful of M2-B (M2 Developer reward) boards left over from our pilot production run.

I think this might be the best way to handle things: we are going to suggest everyone that wants a developer unit to come over here and make a post just like this. Maybe include your location if you would be willing to meet up with someone? Please include more about your project since it can be hard for us to make a decision on where to send these last few units without some good info on what you are up to, how far along you are, etc. You can PM us if you don’t want to post your project publicly yet. Unfortunately, we’ll need to be a little selective at this point, so projects that are public and have the potential of helping others are prefered.

For example, if Collin came to us today with a proof-of-concept version of SavvyCan, we would be jumping over backward to get him a unit. It’s not a slight to anyone or their projects - we are just trying to do the most good with the few developer units that are left. We’re working hard to get our full production run rolling so we can ship to anyone who wants to do some car hacking mid summer!

Thanks for your quick reply, I promise I’m a better developer than online shopper :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve PM’d you a response, but in terms of location, I’m usually between Toronto, Dallas and California depending on the time of year.

I would like to have one, but rather have it in the hands of someone who can use the full potential of the M2.

I got a lot of projects in mind with the m2, but just got to wait for it in summer.

BTW Summer in AZ sucks xD

I certainly could use a hard wired version to go with my ODB connector version. I am picking up the electronics for a 2000 Chevy Blazer in the next week and would love to have one hard wired to this harness for debugging the J1850VPW driver I will start building in the next couple days.

I would then just use my ODB connector version one to test with my 2003 GM truck. And potentially to help test the CANBUS and SWCAN code if I have time and Collins doesn’t get to it right away.

Edited: I live just west of Grand Rapids, MI and my last final is today. I will be digesting the currently available code and look into expanding what is currently available. I have the hardware available to test/develop for J1850VPW, CANBUS, SWCAN and potentially ALDL. To better understand this setup I MAY also be trying to expand support of the M2 to other open sourced utilities as time and experience allows. I plan to make use of the majority of my “spare” time over the next 4 months between semesters to accomplish this and some related projects.


@digital are you currently in Toronto?

@kathysrazor yes indeed, over in the junction. yourself?

I’ll be back in London in a week or so. I had my developer edition shipped to the states (since they didn’t ship to Canada), and picked it up when I came out to the NAB show here.

I could probably let you borrow it for a while.

awesome! pm’d you for details

Hi @ecsharpe,

I’d be willing to share a dev board with someone near West Michigan. I’m about an hour away from @redheadedrod and head that way often so that might be a possibility.

I’m looking at maybe trying to integrate it with Smartthings (presence, health data, etc).


I have a under dash dev board so I don’t need to borrow one but if there is a chance I can get one of the spare boards in the under hood variant I certainly could use it to help develop the drivers by leaving it hard wired into the desktop lab I am building hopefully this weekend. I do appreciate the offer though Jmejeur. I actually live in Muskegon, work in Grand Rapids and go to GVSU in Allendale.

I will be devoting the majority of my free time this summer to getting the M2 working with the vehicles I have access to. While I CAN use my board for everything I need to do it certainly would be helpful to have another. But I don’t expect to borrow any one elses board.


I’d also like to suggest open sourcing what you’ve been working on goes a long way in gaining support.

Cybercar is developing blockchain-enabled vehicle interfaces. We have M2 devices on order and are excited to get development started. Does anyone have an M2 they’re not using that we could work with for awhile? We’re in Denver, would be happy to work out about any arrangement that’s mutually beneficial. Thanks!

For those with greater time sensitivity who are developing software, wouldn’t purchasing an Arduino Due and compatible shields that cover the needed functionality be a possibility in the interim?

Definitely an inconvenient and more expensive option, but from what I have seen is should be possible to do a lot of development in a way that would be compatible with the M2. The approach is somewhat prerequisite on being able to isolate use cases and organize your development such that you don’t need all of the Macchina functionality active at at once—I am assuming it is not possible to connect all the shields you would need to be functionally equivalent to the M2 interface board at the same time, but I could be wrong about that.