I made an enclosure that deletes the 26-pin expansion connector for the M2 (UTH)

I found out the hard way that connecting the 24 pin connector from the car to the 26 pin connector on the M2 by accident causes the board to fry, so I created an enclosure that mitigates this by remove the cutout completely. This design works with the “stock” top enclosure.

This design allows you to keep the connector soldered on, but covers it neatly extending the bottom a mere 1.5mm. Oh I also deleted the mounting tabs because I don’t need them.

2020-08-30 20.42.57 photos.google.com 0f96fcff5598

If there’s interest, I can share this. If so, should I submit a PR to https://github.com/macchina/m2-enclosures? It’s done with DesignSpark not SolidWorks though.

Hi johnm,

Any left-over fryed boards? (Salvage (fryed) M2's CALL FOR ACTION)