How have you used CAN to help diagnose/fix your car?

Does anyone have an example of using CAN to help diagnose a car needing repair? I just used SavvyCAN to find a bad switch. That got me thinking these sorts of examples would be great getting started content, especially for mechanics and hobbyists.

I just made a post where I think it might be what can help me find my parasitic draw that doesn’t happen immediately and is BCM related

mkster, Your issue won’t be found using canbus. As already mentoned in the other thread, you need to pull a fuse at a time on each system until you find the right thing causing your draw.

that’s a great idea, mkster. I’ve heard of situations where the stereo, or communications module would wake up periodically, hours after a vehicle has been shut off, and would draw significant current, causing the battery to go flat. Often, more than one module will share the same fuse, so pulling fuses isn’t 100% effective.