Help! GMLAN request IDs 2017


Hi everyone,

I’m writing a tool that utilises the GM MDI as a pass through device.

I’ve been able to read DID 0x90 and obtain the vin from the BCM using request ID 241 and response ID 641 for the BCM.

Problem is - I’m now trying to read it from the IPC on 24C and a response of 64C (defined on GMBible) but nothing responds to my request (not even an error)

My gut feeling is the request ids are different. Does anyone have any info they can share?

Car is a Opel Corsa-E 2017 model.

Almost identical to the Chevrolet Spark, much of the modules are re-used.



Should be :
ECU 0x60 on LS-CAN (ReqCANId: 0x24C, RspCANId: 0x64C) :slight_smile:

With what language / SDK are you using to talk to the MDI ?



Thanks for the reply. I’m using J2534DotNet, it’s an open source framework.

I’ve tried Request ID 0x24C and 0x64C on GMLAN SW-CAN, no response though :frowning:

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Neat, going to tinker with that!
And still those should be the right, if you could send me the VIN via PM, I can check


Thanks! Sent you a PM.


I think that a lot of the GM Bible is outdated.

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That’s my fears. I know Vaux-Com (OP-COM) can get communication with the module, I’ve been using the development menu to see what info is held in a number of different DIDs. But unfortunately it doesn’t show the request ID’s etc.