Having a problem, just joined and hoping I can find someone who can help (2009 CTSV)

Ok guys, this is out of the scope of what I can find help with on the regular car forums…

I have a parasitic draw of 4A on my 2009 Cadillac CTSV…

The part that stumps everyone: The car goes to sleep, like normal with a 30mA draw. Then after one hour and 20 mins, something is waking up the BCM causing a 4A draw until the battery dies.

I have replaced and reprogrammed the BCM.
Pulled every fuse and relay
Radio and Amp pull 3A of the 4A
The only fuse that will prevent/stop the drain is BCM 1 fuse
On the BCM with connector X2 unplugged, no drain
A friend of mine said that I may need to figure out a way to monitor and log the low speed CAN to see what module is being kicked on an hour after the car is in sleep
I have a tech2win setup and ACDelco module programming capabilities that I’ve been using, but I do not have what I’d need to read the GMLAN canbus

I have lost sleep with about 80-100 hours trying to figure this out… its very time consuming as every test I do I have to wait a minimum of an hour

I’m not sure if this is even the right community to post this in, if not let me know if you have an idea of where I could go. I am just desperate, Thanks!!

Welcome, I believe you posted this on the CTS forum I am on as well.

This forum won’t really be able to help you with this issue. This is a battery drain problem that you will have to start removing other fuses until you find the actual item that has a problem.

I would suggest pulling fuses for systems until you find the issue. I still suspect it is the seat heater in your seats because the symptoms you mention are similar to my Truck. Could even just be a bad battery. The CTS system is very sensitive to a weak/bad battery. Your best bet is to post on ctsv owner forum also. The BCM lead I think is a symptom and not the problem. My car wouldn’t even run right when the battery I had was weak. And it was only 3 years old. Threw a bunch of codes and ran rough… Changed out the battery for an AGM and its been great since. You could simulate the same thing with a battery charger before replacing the battery.

I have a maroon 2012 CTS wagon and remember this thread on the forum i am on.

I have pulled all the fuses, the only one that leads to no drain is BCM1 fuse, so that’s why I came here

There have been two brand new batteries in the car

Ok, this forum is intended to help people use the M2 to do things. In your case the M2 won’t do any good as you have to do simple trouble shooting. We can continue this conversation back on the Cadillac forum. It is not a simple just pulling the fuse. You have to track the power usage through the fuse. As I already told you, something is waking up a module or modules and that is what you have to find out. You have a bad component somewhere in your car that is doing this and the only way to track it down is not to just pull the fuses but use an AMP meter in its place.