Gm Offline custom SPS VCI programming, using global tis for HMI2.5 "Can you do this?"

I’m aware there is this method used to flash custom calibration files to GM car modules using a modified Global tis installation, installed to an online website or a local PC. This gives the user the ability to flash custom calibration files to any year GM cars for changing the car module VIN number, activating hidden feature with custom calibration files. Installing a working activated GDS 2 install to any PC and maybe much more.
Can you take a look at the attached youtube video, which illustrates the process.
Does anyone care to share this data and method with me? I am willing to pay.

From researching and inspecting, I see a combination of Global tis V32 and V36 was used. The Sps-client.jar webwindow.jar, techlinecache-client.jar and a few other java jar files were edited to achieve this.
I have all the edited Jar files if need be from an archive captured.
The issue, I am not versatile with java coding, and this will take me a long time to wrap my head around,

If anyone out there has the knowledge and data for this method and wish to sell it to me, drop me a PM.

Or if anyone out there who is into GM cars and have an understanding of java codes and would like to tinkle and inspect these edited Global tis java files to replicate the method. Drop me a PM.

YouTube video for illustration purposes.
See how its done.

The edited jar files I have.

how can I join in on the fun?

You will need a copy of global tis v32 and v36 then I could send you the edited java jar files.

Or just get a copy of GM DPS it does the same thing you just have to know how to make the archives to flash

Yeah, I’m reading up on it now. Do you know if it’s possible to send only commands without archive program files in DPS.
Example sending only commands for Vin relearn to a module?

From what I gathered from that global tis in the video.
It seems the sps client and other jar files were modified to load up pre-VCI program files packages and configuration xml files that were modified for various cars and modules with different options, getting pulled from the global tis db on his website.
Adding packages to the global tis V36 db.
Generating his own GM type VCI codes on his own global tis server.
A setup like that might come in handy if I wanted to make money programming GM modules for people via TeamViewer who needs that service/people who don’t know the tricks.

There’s another method that can do all the same things, it’s called GM DPS.
Thanks to a few kind folks, I’m now in the light.
From editing and installing programming files. Editing and installing configuration-setup XML files.
Changing the VIN in the modules removing that theft lock from doner HMI 2.5.
Adding or removing GM RPO codes.
Unlocking hidden instrument cluster menus, you name it.
Easy peezy.
I’m still learning and experimenting.
But yeah.
Stay tuned

For those who want to remove the theft lock from GM HMI 2 and HMI 2.5 and change the VIN number in GM modules without paying those extortion prices to the people who knew how to do it.
I made a video for the process. Do it yourself for FREEE!!

You can send commands with DPS through the utility file. You can send what ever you want. I started using DPS and wow so much easier then SPS. I took a bose radio calibration and made it into a stock non bose one. I have added new features all just with the correct calibrations through DPS.

@tattootroy @brianbri6 Hi folks, where did you obtain DPS software? Could you share with me DPS?

very good work, i have been following you on mhh, will this all work on windows 10 64 bit

The location are in the video description.

I use windows 10 64bit on apple boot camp works fine.

Hi brianbri6
Any chance you could guide me, I want to unlock a radio from a donar car

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I can possibly help you but there’s a wait. I need to get a few ppl out the way first.

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I am not able to watch the video, it has been removed I guess.