GM MyLink HMI Programming


Hi all,

I’m doing some HMI work on the following MyLink unit:

I can change the vin on these units no problem since they’re just in EEPROM. But the problem I’m having is matching the RPO options to the vehicle they’re being retrofit into… e.g. reverse cameras etc.

I’d like some opinions on my theory before I invest into the hardware, would it be possible to get a unit that is already programming with these RPO options, then read the flash memory from this unit, then flash it to the second unit, then in theory it should be an exact replication?

I’m unsure if any issues of checksum validation of the hardware etc, like I say, there’s more qualified people on this forum to comment on this before I brick a few units trying?

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What year is that out of? I could always check my Tech2 for options but if it’s past 2007 I believe that’s out of the Tech2 range and into the MDI range.

From what I’ve seen in GM head units, they tend to remove hardware on lower models to save cost. I’ve opened a few that didn’t have, say, XM radio but looked exactly alike, and there was a nice empty spot on the PCB for the IC. That said, if the hardware is all there, it should be fine. If it’s a matter of software enabling hardware then it should work no problem, but you definitely need the software that has the parameters for it since it will have to know what to do with the data.

Hardware validation is a thing, but in this case it may not be checking for that.


It’s well out of the Tech2 programming I’m afraid, it’s a 2017 media unit.

The issue arises when you try program the unit in the vehicle it’s been retrofit to, you’ll get a hardware miss-match error on the MDI, even if you use the original VIN from the doner vehicle.

It needs to be bench flashed some how with the correct RPO options. No dealer tools will do it.


It could very well be a value the unit is expecting, as well as the car. Unit checking vin, car checking hardware ID, etc. I don’t know much on the newer cars and how they check things, but I would assume they tie them to hardware IDs now. My 2008 Mercury couldn’t be upgraded to the navigation unit without the dealer reflashing the PCM to expect it.


Some of the options it pulls from the BCM, but the reverse camera etc it doesn’t, it physically needs calibrations on the unit. I know that for certain, I’ve already tested the theory


Could you flash the calibration to it in SPS using another VIN, then go in and change the VIN after the fact?