GM diagnostic scan

Has anybody successfully used an M2 to run non-standard diagnostics? I’m talking about querying the various modules for problems when getting airbag/traction control/stabilitrak messages on the IP. Thanks.

Like this?

exactly like that. I just noticed that in the Carhacking reddit the other day too! But thanks for sharing.

Have you tried it?

Hey there! - First time on the forums for me

At this time, OpenVehicleDiag only supports ISO-TP and CAN based protocols.

I’m not exactly sure what GM uses (They might be using OBD = ISO9141) or another protocol)…

Would be defiantly interesting to see if this works on GM.

Hi. Glad you could make it, Ash.
Please keep the community here updated on your ventures. You’re doing some cool stuff with your M2.

GM transitioned to CAN bus in the early 2000’s (Class 2 - J1850 VPW before that), and supports ISO-TP. I suspect that would have been a mandate in standardizing automotive diagnostics across brands.

I would prefer staying away from OEM tools. The only OEM software that supports my vehicle (a 2013 GMC Savana) is Tech2Win, which is an emulator of the Tech2 handheld device. Tech2 was a very crude device, with a 1980’s era keypad interface and 320x240 graphics.

Aftermarket tools are available which interface these vehicles with a much more modern UI.

I’m fairly sure they are using J2534 pass-through protocol. Hopefully somebody has done some work reversing the commands, and we could create any DIY tools we want.

So finally got around to playing with OVD. I successfully installed the drivers and firmware on my M2. I got a hold of the GM OEM interface software, Tech2Win, but sadly it expects either a Bosch MDI, or MDI 2, D-PDU API, which I think you haven’t implemented yet. I’ll have to do some research on what this even is.

Do you have plans to develop D-PDU API for M2? And if so, do you think it will be compatible?