Getting data from Subaru Forester 2018 using M2+SavvyCAN


I recently bought a Macchina M2 for use with my subaru forester 2018. I have had some experience with arduino and raspberry pi in the past, so I was able to get SavvyCAN and M2Ret running together pretty easily, which should be reading messages from the CAN bus. My question is this: I’m not able to get any CAN messages from my car, even with the ignition switched on and engine running. I’ve tried UDS scans, and no ECU has responded on any port that SavvyCAN checks by default (when sending diagnostic check signals). Does anyone have any advice as to what steps I should take to successfully communicate with my subaru?
I’ve read in some other posts that the ECU might need a special protocol or command to communicate since the bus is isolated. Is this the case?

Thanks in advance for your help


I believe you need a wake up command to get to the BCM… You may need to tie into one of the data buses in the car directly if you don’t know the wake up command. Or you need to do some research and look for Subaru specific commands to talk to it. You may find that information on a Subaru focused forum.

I know older Subaru’s were hacked pretty well.



Ah, that’s what I was fearing. Time to do some digging on Google…
Thanks for your help!


if anyone else has the specific codes, or has experimented with subaru cars, feel free to add to this post. I’m pretty new to this and any guidance would help a lot