Finding projects that need help

Hi Macchina team,

Thank you so much for providing a great open source tool for open source community. I just ordered an M2 from website.

I understand this post may not be the best place to ask question about how to contribute to current projects and development since I don’t have hardware yet. I have played with BLE/WiFi devices before, also helped a friend isolate CAN messages using other dev boards. I am really interested in connecting M2 to mobile phone through BLE.

Please let me know what is the best way to help.

I previously replied directly to @ianboyanzhang regarding his specific situation. The other place you can look is the Macchina Community Showcase. Clicking into projects there might show some that interest you or that are looking for help. Read the README and check the “Issues” tab if you visit the GitHub page of a project may give some ideas.