Finally Smoked it... oh no!

After three years of development, I was finally installing the module into my radio ahead of an important car show when “fzzzt!” I shorted 12V where it should not go and literally smoked the micro.

Unfortunately, there are no M2s in stock with no schedule going forward.

Does ANYONE have a unit or even just a processor board they would sell me? Maybe something in an old fixture you’re done with? Either form factor is fine.

I really spent a lot of time integrating into my car’s class-2 bus and now I have nothing but a brick.

My only other choice is to buy a Due board and transplant the micro, which I am not looking forward to.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and I previously posted as MPRCTCL, but have lost that password and the recovery email is dead.

I have heard that Macchina should be hopefully producing these again soon. Been a supply chain problem.

Hi Bob,

Any luck with your fryed M2? I just started this new topic: Salvage (fryed) M2's CALL FOR ACTION.