ESP32 SuperB BLE AT COMMAND BLEGATTCWR, Transfer of hex values


Hello all,
i am playing aroung with AT Command sets and facing a problem with BLEGATTCWR.
All examples i have found end in front of the input cursor epecting the bytes to send.

Problem is: When i send a single bytes, lest say char “A”, i reveive the hex value of this caracter.
Thats is ok, but:

I have to transfer a number of bytes as hex values like :uint8_t SendData[]={0x08,0x00,0x81,0x00,0x10,0x51,0x00,0xA0};

I tried to send as “0x08,0x00…,0xA0”, as well as “0x080010105100A0” or 0x080010105100A0
nothing works
Note: When i send hex values the value i can see in my sniffer i reveived as hex must exacly match
Until know it does not work,

Do you know what is the correct form of sending hex values by using BLEGATTCWR ?
Thanks in avance


Can be closed now, because off: Found other solution.

Because the concept of sending strings using UART in combination with custom BLE Services and Charaacteristics does not work at all, becaus eit is noz flexible to use,

For that reason i have found a more convenent solution, by means building an own library from scratch.