ESP32 SuperB BLE AT COMMAND BLEGATTCWR, Transfer of hex values


Hello all,
i am playing aroung with AT Command sets and facing a problem with BLEGATTCWR.
All examples i have found end in front of the input cursor epecting the bytes to send.

Problem is: When i send a single bytes, lest say char “A”, i reveive the hex value of this caracter.
Thats is ok, but:

I have to transfer a number of bytes as hex values like :uint8_t SendData[]={0x08,0x00,0x81,0x00,0x10,0x51,0x00,0xA0};

I tried to send as “0x08,0x00…,0xA0”, as well as “0x080010105100A0” or 0x080010105100A0
nothing works
Note: When i send hex values the value i can see in my sniffer i reveived as hex must exacly match
Until know it does not work,

Do you know what is the correct form of sending hex values by using BLEGATTCWR ?
Thanks in avance