E46 CAN/K-Line Remote Control


Hello everyone,

I have already received my P1 UTH Board and will try to make it work with my 2002 BMW E46. The goal is to make some kind of remote control and tinker around with the comfort features of the car like memory seats, mirrors, lights etc etc. The protocols are well documented, and there is plenty of “ready to use” software which just needs to be adapted for the P1.

My current Progress:
The K-Bus(propriatary BMW name for ISO) communication is already stable, and i am able to receive messages from an old multifunction wheel control module which i have gotten from a friend.

Greatings from germany,


This is so cool, good work! Thank you for the documentation pull requests. We’ve got them on the live site now.

Keep the updates coming and we’ll see about getting an updated enclosure designed up for 3D printing.


Okey, i have made some progress. I am able to interface with the cluster of a E46, and send messages trought the 3 busses which it has.

Video of the actual state can be found here:

Actual code can be found here: