Does anyone have access to a 2015+ Ford pickup?

Hi everyone…I was curious if anyone has access to a 2015+ Ford F-150 or 2017+ F-250/350.

I just need a quick log of the high speed CAN bus to see if the CAN frame for VIN information is the same as the older trucks. Should only take 5 minutes.

On the older F-250/350 trucks, VIN info was broadcast on $40A. I just need to confirm that the message structure and arbitrary ID’s werent changed on the new body style trucks…


I didn’t catch all but this matches the start on a 2017 F150
0000040A C1 00 31 46 54 46 57 31

Glad I get to return the help you offered me :smile:

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Does that mean your VIN starts with 1FTFW1? Just asking to verify if that really is the VIN or something else.

Yep it’s the start of the VIN.

Awesome thank you so much!

Does anybody know if It’s possible to capture and replay cruise control messages on a 2014 F150 5.0?