Dear Macchina, your pin mappings and documentation is junk for the P1 UTH

who designed this? where’s the usable documentation for it? there’s 0 references that i can lookup to find if the pocketbeagle, pi adapter, or m2 board is upside down…

also using a black 24 pin connector and the black 26 pin variant is a dumb move.

you can easily mistake the 26 pin header for the 24. (ask me how i know, magic smoke was involved)

@mitchminton, thanks so much for the feedback. I’ve included the voicemail you left us below to be sure we accurately capture the issues you are having.

(Content Warning - Explicit Language)

We’ve added a diagram to the P1 documentation showing how to re-attach each board if unplugged. As you’ve noticed, neither the PocketBeagle nor the Interface board is keyed, so they can be plugged in backwards.

Regarding plugging in a 24-pin cable into a 26-pin socket - you are right, with enough force, it is possible. We’ve got it on the list of changes to be made on future hardware designs. Again, thanks for the feedback.

In most cases, we’re happy to send out replacement hardware for free to customers - do you think we should do that in your case?

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You’re taking a step in the right direction, and I realize my feedback is harsh, but it is/was the harsh truth. check your requests on github for more feedback.

using a different colored header for the mating sides(White to white, black to black for both the , etc) and thorough documentation would alleviate any questions or problems I had.

id also recommend using unique names for connectors (J2, J3 and J5 are doubled up)