Change VIN on P01 & P59 GM ECUs

New to the forum. I apologize if I missed this already being covered in the forum. I’m interested in stocking a couple of spare used P01 & P59 ECUs for cars that I drive but I need to change the VIN stored in the spare ECUs to match my original VINs. I’m assuming this might involve using a CAN analyzer and writing the desired values to the correct PID locations, then perform a few long key-off sequences to transfer the new value to flash. But I could be wrong in my assumptions.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone in the forum could provide some guidance and set me straight where my assumptions are off base. If my assumptions are correct (or close to correct), could you please direct me to the PID locations where the VIN is stored. I have a test harness and the spare ECUs, I will be glad to document the steps and post them to the forum once I become skilled.

Merry Christmas to all & thank you for allowing me to become a member.

If someone knows of an off the shelf solution for changing the VIN on a P01 & P59 GM ECU, that would be the simplest option for me to move forward with. I just don’t know if there is an off the shelf solution that is known to work. I’ve seen references to HP Tuners SW supports VIN changes for some ECUs. It be good to hear from someone who has successfully used an off the shelf solution to prevent my purchasing something which doesn’t work. If I can’t find a off the shelf solution, I’ll need to pursue trying to figure out if I can roll my own solution.

Thanks for any help and Merry Christmas to all.

Hello, I swapped a P59 into my originally P01 car and used EFILive to change the VIN. HPtuners can do it too. Not sure about HPT, but you can do this without even licensing the vehicle on EFI.

As for a more free/open source based solution, have you checked out PCM Hammer (pc based) or LS droid (android)?

I know PCM hammer can easily do this and pretty sure LS droid also (never used LS droid).

Works with a variety of devices, even some of the OBDlink bluetooth devices if you happen to have one of those lying around.

I don’t have a ton of experience with the program as I obviously already spent the cash to get a commercial solution…but I do find the project and associated work very interesting.