Car Mockup on Desk


I’m working on a mock-up of a car bus system for safer and faster debugging and testing.

Does someone here have already somewhat like that? What control units would you recommend to have on the bus and what peripherals are a must, like sensors, dash and so on?



I have a test bench unit setup and I would say the minimum would be a PCM and BCM from same vehicle. The BCM is the “Brain” but the PCM tells it it is ok to do stuff. You CAN just use the BCM but would require you to constantly wake it up which is a pain when you can just have a PCM do it. Having the cluster can be nice to look at stuff as well. Anything else you can add is a bonus. In order to add support for sensors and such you would have to look in a service manual for that vehicle and figure out how the sensors work. Its better to try using the benchtop to debug your stuff and use an actual vehicle to test the actual function with sensors and such. Time spent trying to mimic the sensors is better off spent elsewhere. Unless you are setting up a display to show off then you may want to mimic a lot of those sensors and have things like lights hooked up to your BCM etc. Note that most GM BCM’s trigger the negative coil of a relay to activate a circuit such as head lights and whatever it controls directly.