Board Manager and M2 library updates - input wanted


We thought it was time to take another look at the libraries that get installed when selecting “Macchina SAM Boards” from the Arduino IDE. The ultimate goal here is to make it super easy for someone (like new M2 user, for example) to get up and running with basic examples quickly.

We’ve now got a good process built for making changes to the board files, libraries, etc and posting a new version. We are up to 0.3.13 now.

Here is where we could use your input:

What libraries would you like to see added automatically? Are there specific examples that would be useful? Anything not working?

Anyone out there build a cool library that you want included in the release?

So far on our list:

  1. Add this library which is dependancy for @t_doust’s excellent M2_12VIO library

  2. Add this library for ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-2 (KWP) functionality.

  3. OBD2 data using standard PID’s (RPM, temp, etc) Maybe based on this library?

  4. To be continued…


I would suggest that for now just install the libraries that work with the M2RET software so that a new user can get the M2 up and running with SavvyCAN.

For the examples it could be done to show how to use the M2RET software directly…

Unless it offers you to have different libraries loaded then perhaps loading the VPW and the KWP libraries as options would also be a good idea with examples related to them.

I know I am supposed to be working on a new library but I haven’t had time to work on it due to other outside issues. (Working on a Masters is a lot more work then I expected.)

With the library I am working on my minimum release requirements are to be compatible with the current M2RET software. Once I reach that capacity then I might suggest the library I am working on as an option or replacement as it will have the flexibility to work with other things as well.