Board info is grayed out in board manager


Got my macchina today a day earlier that the PO said !!! Installed the IDE and the 1st step of installing the SAMD ard library is not working,its downloading it and installing it but it’s grayed out in the board manager. I can’t find the Macchina SAM libraries either help

When plugged in an LED on the board comes on and windows sees it as an Arduino



Hey there, happy to hear your hardware arrived!

Did you follow these instructions?

Also, make sure you install Arduino SAM Boards and not Arduino SAMD Boards

Let us know you find out!


Yes following these instructions…When I install the Arduino SAM boards it adds 2 new choices to the bottom of the list Duo prog port and Duo USB port…I think, I see no Arduino SAM in the list…I still am not finding the additionaL MACCHINA SAM Boards stuff too

Still just as stuck as I was


Do you see “Macchina SAM Boards” in your board manager like below?


yes scrolling down in board manager I found the Macchina SAM stuff thanks I think I’m getting somewhere

Yes I am I got blink to work…


Cool, glad you got it working. Now go hack a car!


Im having the same problem except Im running the arduino software on Windows 10 and cannot see the Machine SAM Boards for some reason


Did you follow the “get started” instructions and install the macchina libraries?

It will show up as something else when you first get it but when programmed the first time will be Macchina afterwards.