BMW R1250 GS LIN BUS control headlight

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I am trying to put a 2nd generation led lamp from bmw r 1250 gs to my honda cx 500 (1986). Headlight is controlled by lin bus, but my motorcycle doesn’t have computer. So I decided to create a module that will send commands to the lamp module using the lin bus.

I tried to hack the lamp module to read what registers light up the LEDs, but to have the reflector module itself, I was not able to do it. It’s time to ask for help because I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do next. Does anyone have the opportunity to connect to the bus line bus between the ECU and the lamp module and see what frames are sent there when we turn on/off the lights?
It does not have to be a BMW R1250 GS, this lamp was also found in the R1200GS. It is important that the motorcycle has a second generation headlight (black module under the lamp).

I would be very grateful for help