Bluetooth Module


I have the Bluetooth M2 from Crowd source, but I am unable to understand the directions clearly…my only question is what sketch do i need to have uploaded to use it with SavvyCan?

I can communicate via serial with the M2 fine, but am looking to use the bluetooth functionality.



The BT module needs to be programmed. You need a passthrough sketch to program the unit. After it is programmed then you can go from there. At this time I believe any BT stuff has to be custom built.


damn, i saw a demo on youtube where he had the functionality. Oddly enough he didnt share the sketch


Yes, there are two steps. The bluetooth module itself has to have a program running on it that basically just copies between a serial interface to the M2 and the bluetooth. This is programmed by putting a passthrough sketch on the M2 then using that to program the ESP32 bluetooth module. After that is programmed then you put M2RET back on the M2. M2RET understands how to use the BT module if it is installed and working.

Yes, I did post a demo on youtube where I did all of that and showed that it works. It is a little bit difficult to get it all working. Probably the most difficult part is getting the passthrough to work properly to upload to the ESP32. That part can be frustrating to get right. Have you tried to upload to the ESP32? Did you have any success?


Yes I had success with everyone but stopped when it came time to upload something to the Bluetooth Module, as I wasn’t sure what sketch was needed ect.



I’ve been working on the SuperB docs to make the flashing instructions a little bit more clear, you can see them here:

As of right now there are instructions on how to flash SuperB either with an M2 (using the aforementioned “pass-through sketch”) or with a USB adapter board, however beyond this there is relatively little on how to leverage the Bluetooth functionality on board the ESP32. On the other side of the wireless coin, I have an example up which uses WiFi on the SuperB, you can see it here:

If anyone does want to take a stab at creating some kind of Bluetooth example sketch for SuperB, let me know and I would be happy to add it to the docs.