Beginner: Can an M2 access ECU data in place of Toyota Techstream?

Hi from Australia… Hoping to get some advice on my project. I’ve just stumbled on these boards and am a bit of a novice.

I have a 2004 Toyota Landcruiser that seems to be ISO14230 compliant (although I’m not sure what the difference is to ISO9141). I have successfully built a simple pi based python project that uses an ELM327 adaptor and the python-OBD library to query the limited OBD PIDs that are available in the car and displays real time data via a node-red dashboard.

There is a lot of additional data available when I use Toyota Techstream and a J2534 VCI adaptor that I would like to access. Is it possible to use an M2 to access this data without Techstream? I’m not really clear on what the M2 provides - just the HW interface or an API as well etc?