Beginner: Can an M2 access ECU data in place of Toyota Techstream?

Hi from Australia… Hoping to get some advice on my project. I’ve just stumbled on these boards and am a bit of a novice.

I have a 2004 Toyota Landcruiser that seems to be ISO14230 compliant (although I’m not sure what the difference is to ISO9141). I have successfully built a simple pi based python project that uses an ELM327 adaptor and the python-OBD library to query the limited OBD PIDs that are available in the car and displays real time data via a node-red dashboard.

There is a lot of additional data available when I use Toyota Techstream and a J2534 VCI adaptor that I would like to access. Is it possible to use an M2 to access this data without Techstream? I’m not really clear on what the M2 provides - just the HW interface or an API as well etc?


I believe someone created a J2534 compliant driver for these but I wouldn’t have a clue where to find it.
I was going to make a ELM327 compatible setup for it but have been too busy. Once I Move next year I may have more time to get back to this project.

Look around at different messages and hopefully you can find it. otherwise this is an Arduino based hardware device that has a CANBUS driver designed for it that can be used with a specific program. At this time, anything else has to be custom written.