Ask for scan Suzuki Maruti 800 year 2009, made in India

I have a Suzuki Maruti 800 year 2009 made in India
With your permission, let me ask you the following.
This Macchina M2 interface can read SDL/KWP protocol
This protocol is OBD1, it communicates with a single cable (tx and rx), the communication is slow, it is similar to the gm code
What application or software does it communicate with?
(I have an android phone for the app and the notebook is with win 10 64bit)
I would appreciate your help

The ECU is Mitsubishi 33920 8430 with 2 conectors

Best regards

You need to find the proper message forum. There are many forums out there that can help with this sort of thing. The Macchina specific hardware likely would work with this but there are some very simple wires to USB connectors that could likely be used as well. I would look for stuff compatible with the Gm OBD1 stuff. I believe you can make an adapter for less than $20. Then its up to you to create your own software for it. Unless you can find someone with compatible software. It MAY be compatible with GM software if so then do research on connecting to a 1994 or 1995 Chevy Caprice/Impala SS. Would be similar. But this is likely the wrong place to find specific software. The M2 likely would be able to connect to it but would be WAY overkill.