Any successful communication attempts on ISO 9141?



I do know there are successful attempts on ISO 9141-2 communication on the K-line. I’d like to know what settings were used and what kind of code was uploaded on the board in a successful communication. I’m not sure what am I doing wrong or so but I’d appreciate some help here. I’ve tried reading the code on OBD9141 library figuring out if there’s a problem there still but I can’t figure out what it is. Even with 2 PDFs (found quite easily with the help of Google) I can’t figure out if it’s quite right. They are both concerned with ISO 9141-2 initialization and that is where I have a problem. So I’d appreciate if someone already had a working example of ISO 9141-2 communications that I could use in order to test if everything is working properly.


Hi mato 1223

I have succesful established communication with electronic transmission control of Mercedes SLK 200 1999.
I made some experience that OBD9141 library does not work.

If you have interest I can send zip file by E-Mail, but software is target for SLK 200 PreFL.