Any programmers for hire?


Hey guys,
I Have a digital dashboard project (66 Chevelle) I’m working on which requires getting info from my cars ecu. I have the Macchina M2 “under the dash” module, but I’m a bit overwhelmed with the whole thing. with a newborn, a 4yr old and running a company, my attention and free time is stretched very thin. would anyone be willing to help me out (aka- write a sketch, paid of course) with getting some can data so I incorporate it into my project? Basically I’m asking for a sketch that will give me variables for a few parameters (vehicle speed, engine rpm, engine temp, oil pressure, voltage and; if possible, selected gear). The ecu is a 2009 gm and the engine is an ls3 crate engine.

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Send me a message with exactly what you are after. The more specifics and details the better. :+1:

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Sounds like a cool project

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For some reason I can’t figure out pm’s while using the mobile site.

Here is a general breakdown of what I’m doing and what I need.

My GUI will be built in processing.js and will receive the CAN data via the serial port. I’ll be using a win10 latte panda computer and a lcd bar display.

I basically need just someone to write a sketch that will be able to get me the CAN data at a decent enough speed for my gauges. I’m thinking min 10hz for engine and vehicle speed, min 4 hz for the other engine critical values (engine temp, oil pressure and voltage). Min 1 hz for gear selected. Obviously, the faster the better for all of those, but my tests showed ok results at 10hz for the primary gauges with some motion blur.

It would be great if it were written in a way that I could add pids in the future as I had more time to learn, but that isn’t necessary.

At minimum, just having a sketch to retrieve the aforementioned data into variables. At best, have that data put into an array and output to serial for the processing sketch to read.

One thing I’m not sure about is vehicle speed. I don’t know if the ecu will have that data, it may require gps. If I can get the gps shield for the M2, I’ll go that route. If not, I do have a gps breakout from adafruit that I could use.

Edit: also would be great if the sketch would return a value for “check engine light”

bonus points ($) if you add 5 inputs into the sketch. Left/right turn signal, high beams, illumination, and an extra momentary button input.


Few other questions…

Whats the ECM? E38? E40? E67? Something else?
Whats the TCM (If auto),

If the M2 passed data to the panda, how is it expecting the data to be presented. As in, is there a predefined format your wanting to follow, or are you making a custom app to run on the win10 panda?

As for log speed, theres a few options for that. First is using the ‘broadcast’ data sent out from the ECM constantly which indicates things like vehicle speed/rpm/temp ect. The TCM will output the gear also. What is broadcasted depends on the ECM and what it came from.
This is how factory components in a car will read live data.

Next option is through PID requests as you have suggested, or next step through DPID which greatly increases the logging speed (As in very quick).


I’m guessing I can’t send you a message because of my account age. I’m at my computer with still no option for a pm.

The ECM is an E38. out the TCM is a t42 It’s They are both from a 2009 Chevy 2500 Savannah

No predefined format. The gauges will be designed in Processing.js, so it can read from the serial port. I think a simple serial.write will be enough.