Another M2/Savvycan setup query!


Been trying to get my new Macchina M2 set up and working. Flashed the M2RET with no issues from windows 10. Can connect to Savvycan and get the flashing green LED on the M2 when I start the fuzzing command, so all looks to be set up and running correctly.
When I connect to an 2013 Audi A7, I get no CAN traffic at all. I’ve cycled through the baud rates and buses but no joy.

Looking through the forum, I saw some had issues with VAG and a wake up request, so I used a Y connector with VCDS running on one side and the Macchina with M2RET and Savvycan working on the other. VCDS works perfectly and I presume sends the wake up command to do so. Savvycan shows the M2 as connected with green LED on, but no traffic from the car to Savvycan.

Am I missing something simple?

I’ve cycled through Buses and speed settings, but no joy!?

Please keep messages in same thread.

You may need to try messing with the speed a little. 500k is the normal speed for GM cars but may or may not be the same for the Audi. Could be 1000k baud.

Otherwise there could be an issue with your setup maybe? I have had to download the savvycan and the M2 sw from Collins site before.

Thanks for your reply. I will do some more testing over the weekend. I found some info on the A& CAN bus connection points at diagnostic plugs in the rear to test also.

I set up a basic CAN send sketch on an Arduino and CAN-BUS shiled and sent this to the Macchina’s CAN pins and all shows up as expected on Savvycan, so the setup appears to be ok.

Not sure if this helps… Porsche is 500k, assuming Audi is the same. However, in Porsche you cannot access the main CAN network via the OBD port. You can only send/receive OBD protocol messages. In the Porsche you have to tap into the CAN network somewhere in the wiring harness.

Thanks for the reply, its looking like that might be the issue alright. Will test this out tomorrow.