Special developer offer: ESP32 (WIFI +BLE) wireless board


Hey @CollinK, let’s get you a new board. That red board is pretty old by now.

Just to verify, I followed my instructions here and could program the SuperB no prob.


Maybe those instructions are just hard to find.


Hard to find, maybe a bit. Speaking of good examples of why a pinned post at the beginning with updated info would be handy…

But, I found and followed the directions. Still things went pear shaped for me. Several monkeys and coconuts were seen in the vicinity. A variety of pooches were screwed. So, something else is going on for me. But, I still did manage to get the ESP32 programmed. It just was much harder than it was supposed to be.


Ok, I’ve gotten it to work more reliably for me. I’d like to go over what I did wrong:

  1. My USB cord does indeed seem to have been problematic. It appears I can reliably connect and disconnect the M2 with the ESP32 module installed so long as I use a good USB cord. The one I was using was short and bulky and I thought that was a good sign. Well, looks are deceiving. Now I’m using a longer, thinner cord that works fine. Always suspect your USB cables of turning on you - those little traitors. Don’t trust it just because it usually seems to work.

  2. I really cannot switch directly between opening the serial console in M2 mode and in ESP32 mode. If I try to do that with one Arduino IDE instance open it acts funny. The best bet for me really is to have two Arduino IDE windows open, one for the M2 and one for the ESP32. This might only matter on LINUX.

  3. Don’t forget to change your ESP32 settings to DIO, 40Mhz, 2MB, 115200 upload speed. I use other ESP32 boards that can handle QIO, 80Mhz, 4Mb, and 921600 upload speed. Those settings don’t work with this board. What’s worse, they lock up the M2 sketch as well. Using the proper settings works. So, if you forget to change something like the upload baud rate you’ll have a bad time. This is probably less of an issue for people who aren’t programming 20 different boards.