Savvy CAN low speed GMLAN (SWCAN) "hack"

I live in Spain. Anything ordered from the US gets stuck in customs for at least a month and you have to pay the same again for customs. If it was in the EU I would’ve ordered it from there. So it’s being shipped to the UK by Dec 20 and I’ll collect it from there when I visit for Christmas. Nothing is easy!

that same BCM is used in literally dozens of different mid-2000’s to early-2010’s GM cars/trucks/SUV’s. Its not specific to the GMT-900 truck/SUV.

What GM vehicles do you have in Spain from the 2006-2014ish era? I can tell you if it uses that CA1 Denso BCM…

We only have Opel vehicles (Corsa, Insignia) in Spain and they don’t follow US GM vehicle design.

The Opel Antara uses the ‘common-architecture’ BCM. :wink:

Pretty sure you have those in Spain, no?