Macchina shut down or just hibernating?

Oh, silly me! Fingers crossed!!

what linux distro and software?
my car netbook is windows os. I thought about doing linux but after looking at all the distros and not having a good understanding of the OS variations specifically for a limited resource netbook. I tossed the idea, not wanting to add another learning curve to the car projects that wouldn’t be needed later,

I have an OLED display and added functionality (menu next and select/enter) to my roof control toggle switch next to it and two additional steering wheel input switches (automatic paddle shifters on a manual) installed in the car as a UI running on a couple ESP8266s that I want to be able to use to display tire pressures, performance parameters and such and transmit commands easily that are buried in the infotainment menus you can’t get to when the car is moving. DRLs on and off with parking lights, automatically roll windows all the way up after the roof closes, long touch window roll up, stuff like that.

this is why I wanted the A0. it interfaces with the HS-can and it can be programmed to wirelessly interface with my onboard display and UI.

when are more A0s coming available?
Is SparkFun the go to place to find them now?

Hi David,

We are on a completeley different path here. I’m just starting to try mastering vehicle diagnosis. The guinea pig is my 2005 mixed system pick-up with a few nasty errors. For that I use Linux Mint on a quite moderate multiboot laptop together with a multitude of apps I found in Craig Smith’s book (mostly Python based.)

In general I am quite sure that Linux uses far less resources from the hardware than Windows. Next to that there are all kind of lightweight versions available for Linux as well as for Windows (ie Tiny10?). Maybe that’s worth the effort to look for?

I am really impressed what you achieved sofar!



I’ve been waiting months for this to show back up in the store. I’ve been using OVMS, but the high cost and limited hardware availability is making it a bit of a slog to program on. (also lack of SWCAN for GMLAN)

Really looking forward to more M2’s existing on the market. The Bee connector is really compelling since some OVMS-like device with LoRA connectivity sounds amazing

Let’s take a look how this might develope: Salvage (fryed) M2's CALL FOR ACTION.

If the M2 goes back into production by this summer I may pull my M2’s out and my old lab and get back to making ELM compatible software for it. Probably have to start from scratch though since its been a couple years since I played with it. I really want to get back to the P1 though, that one would be far easier to get stuff running on. But haven’t been motivated since nothing has been available.