ECU flashing with M2


@beyerch You may be interested in a project that is currently being worked on.
This will allow you to read/write your PCM for a pre-CANBUS GM vehicle. All of the issues you mention have been addressed. They are working with a 411 PCM (512k LSx PCM) but the only difference for other models should be the kernel.

The M2 will have a sketch available that will be compatible with this as I work on building a new more modular firmware for the M2 in general. Once totally perfected, some members of this group will be looking to move on to CANBUS based PCM read/writes.

To Actually program for these will require using TunerPro which is a “begware” program. (Will work for free but to get rid of the nag notices you need to make a donation.)

So shortly you will be able to program your pre-CANBUS GM for the price of your interface. Currently working or almost working with AllPro, Scantool, MDI and AVT 832 devices. In the coming weeks I will be working with them to get the M2 basically working with it as I work to overhaul the over all structure of the M2 firmware. This will be a stopgap Sketch until I have something more concrete accomplished. Note I am not an active part of any part of that project yet other than tinkering with the M2 side of it.

Note I don’t have TunerPro and am not familiar with it but it is the program I was told they plan to use.

The program they have to do the programming is to be open sourced and there is an android app being worked on to accomplish this as well.

The Open Sourced software is actually written in .net so it is a windows only environment for now.



I have been tuning pre-CAN GM vehicles since 1998 and have written my own software. Currently working on CAN through MY17 for GM (and have support as far back as MY94). I’m on the fence as to whether I was going to open source this or not this time around. (I did open source the hardware recently) Getting past MY17 for tuning is going to be a bit harder since they transitioned to a 5byte seed/key which is harder. (I have all of the 2 byte stuff solved already)

On the scantool side, already have things mapped out through MY20/MY21. :slight_smile: (GM)

Also have Ford / Chrysler / Audi / VW in various stages…

Would love to see the current .net as I could probably provide guidance.

The reason I’m teetering on Open Source software is the sheer time involved in this stuff. A lot of people say they want to help but when you really want to get something done only a couple actually step up. I have way more work than time, though I don’t necessarily need money either.

We’ll see.


As far as I know the Tactrix OpenPort just implements a J2534 pass-through. The RomRaider devs might be able to help with the actual read/write sequence.


Just kicking the can up the road this might help get more of an understand or someone might be able to use the code to figure out how to program an ECU. GMLAN and BDM FLASH programmer Source


Hey I have a 1994 jeep Cherokee xj 4.0. is there any chance you are working on something for it? Respectfully James


Hey man,

How are things going with the 5byte seed/key implementation. Have you made any progress since this last post? Extremely interested in your findings, please report back.

Also, do you have any resources handy for practicing on the smaller 2 byte seed/key from older modules? Please let me know, thanks man!


Can someone tell me about it and i don’t know what is this?
If you ask this from a J2534 interface (again i am in EU which means full coverage on ecus not just emissions like in US), it will just simply fall short. Not only by the multitasking, but on the protocols as well.
There is no interface out there that will cover it all on all manufacturers.

Nope. If one was manufactured, then everyone including the manufacturers would use that. Plus there are new protocols available now that J2534 interfaces don’t have due to hardware limitations.